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A Kind, Loving and Cooperative Approach to Parenting

I found Positive Discipline: The First Three Years on my in-law’s bookshelf and I almost didn’t pick it up because I have developed an aversion to the word “discipline” from my years as an over-worked athlete, over-achieving student and then overly-demanding teacher. That’s not the kind of mother I want to be. I’m no longer interested in […]


Learning a Language (by Liisi Pajula)

A Surprising Inspiration – How my boyfriend helped me learn German It turns out, learning a language is hard work. And I’m not just talking grammar and vocabulary –  that can surely be learned and relearned from a textbook. It’s nailing real proficiency, and gaining the confidence in your language skills to converse day to […]


Integrating Learning, Living & Loving

Home is Where the School is: The Logic of Homeschooling and the Emotional Labor of Mothering got me thinking about how I might integrate learning, living and loving within my own home as a mother and educator. Jennifer Lois, Associate Professor of Sociology, interviewed a group of homeschooling mothers from conservative Christians to new age liberals, tracking the highlights […]

Six Dimension Model

What’s Next?

“Today, human evolution is at a turning point where an old paradigm and a challenging new awareness are uneasily trying to coexist. We are wedded by habit and tradition to an outmoded view of the Universe, and yet civilization is pregnant with a new, exciting and optimistic understanding of life. ~ Bruce Lipton, Spontaneous Evolution […]